Drawing Techniques

5 Basic Drawing Techniques for Beginners

You may have had a lot of fun sketching and doodling. However, have you ever give a go to real drawing techniques? We suggest that everyone should try their hands at drawing at least once in their lifetime. Like any skill or art, you will need to do a lot of practice to be perfect. To help you get started, we have given 5 basic drawing techniques down below.

  1. Curly hair

Drawing curly hair is something that most artists find quite challenging. Here is an easy technique. All you need to do is start from a squiggly line between two parallel lines that are a bit tempered. They will help you get a better idea of how to add depth and dimension to each of the curls.

  1. Avoid smudges

If you are right-handed, you might smudge your drawing if you have to reach across it due to size. On the other hand, left-handed artists don’t face this problem as often. No matter you are right handed or left, your drawing should be free of smudges.

  1. Sky and clouds

Here is an easy trick to draw clouds and sky. Instead of leaving the top of your drawing flat, matte or blank, you may want to smudge it using a piece of clothing. This will give an illusion of sky and clouds. Creating this effect is not a hard nut to crack.

  1. Control your pencil

If you don’t hold your pencil properly, it will be harder for you to control it. Your lines will be detailed and precise if you hold your pencil the right way. With a little bit of practice, you will be used to it.

  1. Animal Fur

Unlike human hair, animal hairs are thick and have uneven layers. So, make sure your drawing reflect these things.

So, these are a few simple techniques that will help you draw better provided you follow them and keep on practicing.