oil painting

5 oil painting tips and techniques

You may find it challenging to work with oil paint, but the techniques you are going to read about will make it easier for you get started.

  1. Hold the paintbrush the right way

You can hold the paintbrush in many ways. Here is a simple rule: no matter which method you choose, make sure you can get the sensitivity and fluidity with each stroke. What you need to do is hold the brush far away from its tip. At first, it may feel uncomfortable but you will get used to it. Check out http://www.deltasbestpainters.com for more information. 

  1. Try different Brush orientation

While painting, you may forget that the brush has two sides. You may be making wide strokes with the flat side, but you can make sharper strokes or lines with the other side. This technique will help you paint a lot faster.

  1. Use a different level of pressure

Not each stroke should be applied with the same level of pressure. Too much pressure can create a mess. What you need to do is apply pressure based on the effect you want to create. After a few days of practice, you will get the hang of it.

  1. Use the painting medium

Remember: oil painting doesn’t revolve around paint only. You may also want to use a painting medium. Usually, this is a blend of oil and solvent, which is used for modifying the paint for a different behavior. Make sure you use the medium sparingly.

  1. Maintain the intensity of colors

You may want to be careful when grabbing colors from your palette. Your brushes should be clean otherwise you might end up tainting the colors. It’s important to maintain the intensity of colors. For this, your brushes should be cleaned regularly while you are painting.

So, if you are struggling with oil painting, we suggest that you give a go to the 5 tips given above. Hopefully, you will get better with time.