Art Students

Common Mistakes Made by Art Students

Over the years, I have noticed some common mistakes that most art students make. As a teacher, I suggest that you avoid these mistakes if you want to get better at what you do. Let’s take a look at these mistakes.

Taking as a fun activity

If you think art is a fun subject, you need to think again. Art is not about hurling paint and scribbling with colored crayons. Although art is fun, know that it takes a good deal of time and effort. You have to spend a lot of time on a consistent basis. So, if you are into art, be ready to work hard.

Taking too long to start

Don’t spend too much time come up with the “best” idea for your drawing. Here is what you should keep in mind: it’s not the idea that is the most important. It’s what you are going to do with it. So, what you need to do is take a start as soon as possible.

Showing poor skills

Don’t show poor work. Instead, choose those pieces that you think are the best. If you are finding it hard to control the paint, we suggest that you check out different artist models and stick to one that lets you apply expressive or gestural brush strokes.

Restarting work over and over again

If a piece of art doesn’t meet your expectations, don’t leave it without completing. Every drawing or painting can be improved later on. The first few layers act like a foundation and can become a great piece of art after the final layer.

Poor presentation

A presentation is of utmost importance. As far as art and design are concerned, a presentation is even more important. So, make sure you present your work in a way that it shines and makes a great impression on the viewers. 

So, make sure you avoid these mistakes when drawing or painting.